We actually started off as a clothing brand, created between the jungles and beaches of the South of Sri Lanka, where Claudia lived for a few years and Ivette joined her to start their new project, WILD IVY, now STUDIO WY.

Our Art Kimono was the first piece we created after two years of research.

Somewhere along the way, we fell in love with fine jewellery. Claudia now lives in Bali, one of the few places in the world where the art of making jewellery has remained intact and passed along for hundreds of generations, so we started designing some pieces in precious metals alongside some artisans and we loved it.

We finally could create something that was elegant, raw, imperfect, sustainable, recyclable and combined ancestral techniques. It felt like it was us - every piece is unique, it has a different story and inspiration, and they all have their own journey.

Nowadays we decided to do the all the production here in BARCELONA - where Ivette could supervise every piece - and where we could ensure the quality.

We didn’t know at the time but our country is known for doing amazing gold plating! We wanted to create something transparent, with soul, and we finally feel we are on the right track.

We are a brand based in Barcelona. We were both born in the city.

Our pieces were handcrafted in small batches in Bali by our team of artisans.

We are currently doing all the production in Barcelona, handcrafted pieces like in Bali, made by hand one by one. Where we are proud to work with small artisans from the city of Barcelona and supervise production and logistics, all from the same territory.
All our orders are prepared and shipped from Barcelona with ecological packaging.

We do not use plastic in any of our processes and we minimize production in small limited batches to prioritize quality and sustainability and go against the fashion and mass production calendar.

Transparent, raw, ethical, genuine, imperfect, elegant, sustainable & timeless.

We manufacture in small batches, so we don’t have any excess. If we ever do, then we will melt the pieces and create new ones! Luckily, gold and silver are both recyclable and preserve their properties and quality. We know well the families that create your pieces, the conditions they work in and the artisans salaries. We ensure that everything is done in an ethical way, respecting craftsmanship and all the people behind it. We ship with reusable eco-friendly packaging. We have created our packaging so it can be used for many things over a long period of time.

We donate 1% of our total sales to approved environmental nonprofit organisations.

Claudia & Ivette